I'm a postdoc in the CG Lab at Carleton University. Before coming to Ottawa, I was a postdoc in the Algorithms & Complexity Group at the University of Waterloo. I did my PhD at the University of Manitoba and was fortunate to have Steph Durocher as my advisor.

My main research interests are in algorithms, computational geometry, approximation algorithms, and graph drawing. See below for my current research projects and here for a list of my publications. Also, here is what dblp knows about me.

I've served/will serve on the program committees of CCCG 2019, ICCG 2019, and CCCG 2018.

You can reach me by sending an email to mehrabi235 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Selected Research Projects

Computational Geometry

Computational geometry aims to design and analyze algorithms and data structures for geometric problems. Such problems arise in many applied fields such as robotics, wireless networks, geographic information systems and databases. I develop efficient exact and approximation algorithms for such geometric problems.

Selected publications: Algorithmica, CGTA, MFCS 2018, WAOA 2017, ISAAC 2016.

Graph Drawing and Data Visualization

Data is often modelled as graphs, and graph drawing is concerned with developing algorithms for geometric visualization of data. I develop algorithms for drawing graphs to optimize different aesthetics that are of interest in many applications, such as circuit design, social networks analysis and cartography.

Selected publications: ICALP 2018, SWAT 2018, TCS, Graph Drawing 2017, Graph Drawing 2016.

Interdisciplinary Research

The techniques used for solving geometric problems can be applied effectively in many other research areas. I'm particularly interested in applying such techniques to problems in robotics, biology, and motion planning.

Selected publications: OPODIS 2017, COCOON 2017.